A Holistic Transformation Program with LeTasha

with LeTasha

Are you a professional woman on-the-go feeling weighed down or overwhelmed by daily demands? Frustrated by extra pounds that won’t budge, and wonder if you’ll ever feel good in your body again?

Learn the strategies that will help you lose stubborn weight, and give you the space, peace and well-being to handle whatever life throws at you with lasting energy and confidence.

A 30 Day Program To Restore Hope, Balance, & Wellness Back Into Your Life!

You’re a professional woman on-the-go, with a packed schedule, kids to feed, business to attend to, and your own self care needs. Problem is, you feel like the daily demands of life are speeding up, weighing you down and you don’t have the energy to catch up. 

Deep down, you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all and wondering if you’ll ever have the energy or “spark” you once had. After all, when you were younger, you felt like you could take on the world!  Now, however, you’ve got a few more years under your belt (and more wisdom), but your body is feeling the effects of too many convenient drive-thrus, sugary coffee drinks for that afternoon boost, and lack of sleep!  The fact is, you want more energy.  You want more time. You want your youthful body back.  You want to sleep.  You want to rest.  You want some JOY.  You want your life back!  And you don’t want to take 3 years to get it!

Listen, there’s a better version of YOU, the one you’ve always wanted (maybe one you feel like you once had), but your living habits, overwhelming life, or major life changes have caused you to gain some extra weight that you’re finding it difficult to lose. That’s exactly what the “BACK ON TRACK” program is all about.

Weight loss is not always about the body. It’s about losing weight from life demands - the situations, emotions, stresses, circumstances and people - that weigh you down.  You know, those things that cause you to carry the “weight of the world” on your shoulders (or mid-section). It’s time to release the extra pounds and become more holistically fit & balanced to bring about the BEST YOU.  It’s time to get BACK ON TRACK toward your best life, and I can help you!

Unlike other approaches to wellness and fitness, BACK ON TRACK is not just about losing weight and being healthy, but being able to maintain it constantly. It’s all about creating a wellness and fitness habits that are strictly meant for you. There’s a special formula perfect for you and that’s what we’ll seek together. With my BACK ON TRACK program, you will have new direction, guidance and support to help you succeed with your goals. You will be able to stay focused, organized and healthy, while also learning that you don’t have to sacrifice the beautiful things you want out of life. 

Join me, and let’s get you BACK ON TRACK!

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    You’re coaching sessions will include the following:

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    4 Sessions to be used within 30 Days (4 X 30 Minutes)

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    Lose Excess Weight

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    Enjoy Delicious Foods You Love

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    Fit into Your Old Cloths

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    Customize Your Own Holistic Fitness Plan

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    Be the Healthiest Version Of Yourself

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    Transform & Love Your Body

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    Free 30-Day Holistic Detox Group

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    Unlimited Email Support

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"I've been working with Letasha for about 2 month now, and just signed up for another month of coaching sessions. I wanted to work with her because she didn't just focus on my "weightloss goal" but she pushed me to also think about other areas of my life that needed attention- an overall holistic approach to bettering myself, my habits, and my mindset and my routines. With her problem-solving approach I've been able to go from drinking 1-2 cups of water a day to regularly drinking 14-16+ cups of water a day! Another big accomplishment has been doing my meal prepping each week and actually getting myself to eat MORE meals which was my challenge. I've committed a stronger focus on my self-care and surrounding myself with positive reinforcement. So far I've lost 16pds and counting only by focusing on my nutrition! I have a long ways to go to reach my goal but this is the first time in the last several years that I've seen real results. It's wonderful to know I have a fitness/life coach who cares and is there to work with me through the process. Thanks Tasha!!"

Josie Ambroise

Director of Operations & Marketing

When I started coaching with Letasha, I was primarily focused on improving my health and physical well-being. However, Letasha skillfully showed me a complete system that helped me balance not just my physical health -- but my mind, heart, and soul and basically all aspects of my life. Thanks to her coaching, I now have a much deeper awareness of how all the parts of my life fit together and have a system that helps me stay in balance (or know what to do to correct if I go out of balance.) As a result, I'm much healthier on the outside and inside. This has truly been life-changing and I feel so much more empowered and aware thanks to Letasha! She's truly a transformation coach who knows how to help her clients get powerful results.

Lauren Lapointe

Business & Success Coach

“Letasha is not attached to the results. This gives her an unbiased approach to allow you to reach your desired results. She’s methodical in her process which leaves you feeling grounded and unwavering in your next steps. Her approach is holistic with an attempt to create a balanced harmony throughout the different areas of your life. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change.”

Valerie King , Real Estate Consultant

Business & Success Coach
LeTasha Howe

Specialist: Holistic Life & Fitness Coach

I work with on-the-go, professional women who feel like they’re losing ground to the daily demands that weigh them down, and who want to regain the youthful spark and energy they once had.  As a former engineer-turned holistic health and fitness coach, I work with women to engineer simple, holistic solutions to bring them more space, peace, balance, physical well-being, and joy, so they can handle whatever life throws at them with lasting energy and confidence.

You will become more mindful, focused, organized, physically fit, lose/maintain weight, practice self-care, emotionally balanced, peaceful, create boundaries, soulful, spiritual, and connected with God/Source/Universe. I’ll show you how to practice EQUANIMITY… and more

A 30 Day Program To Restore Hope, Balance, & Wellness Back Into Your Life!

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